Merin Gregory – Idea Star Singer Season 6

Merin Gregory – Idea Star Singer Season 6

Merin Gregory

Merin Gregory

Merin Gregory Is a Contestant In Idea Star Singer Season 6. Merin Gregory is From Kozhikode.

Star Singer Season 7

Star Singer Season 7


  1. Sreekumar R says:

    Performance of Merin gregory on 28-10-2011 was extremely poor. It was a melodrama created by an immature mind. Telling papa.. Papa 100 times is only very boring matter. The song was sung very badly sung, not as a professional. Lot of time of boring was imposed on the viewers by playing the drama of Papa – molu affairs. Is it a music program or a drama stage. Please utilise the time of 1 hour in music rather than showing this cheap actions and which are further taken up by the judges one by one. My Papa…. Oh My Papa…. My Papa. Please stop this nonsense.

  2. Fr. Isaac A, Italy says:

    I love the song of Merin. What she said is the real feeling that is needed in the song. Genuine persons will never forget the way they walked. As a +2 student, the tender feelings of her loving father was expressed in Merin’s words.. It paved the way for even great judges to think of them.. their ways, their families. Really great Merin. Never mind those who do not have tender feelings for their family, society, nation, culture and so on.
    I remember the response of Merin after her first song before the legend KS Chitra, when she called “Merin”. “Chechy ente peru vilichallo…” It is an innocent response to such a great legend. I really appreciate the innocence and genuineness of Merin. Try hard and improve the God-given talents in you.

  3. Aneesh Krishnan says:

    Hey lets get some perspective people….what is a show without some hungama in it. I am a singer and an ISS aspirant and i believe that its all part of the show…..there are things that cold unsentimental people cannot percieve cuz their just too dum……merin is a 12th std student …u dont expect her to come up with a deceiving plan to gain attention….even if its deceiving who cares??? thousands of people out there want to know more about these contestants and they enjoy the melodrama….
    Merin …when i say something i mean it for all the contestants…there will be people to knock you down …people expect u to get up nd return back with all that strength…..ISS…is more like a training programme …u never know famous people like shreya ghoshal and anwesha datta came out in flying coloursfrom programmes like these…1 more chintu suggestion…u guys always celebrate the judges birthdays and ur borthdays etc etc…i think its tiome that you celebrate ranjinis birthday shes been there all the while u need tu pay somke gratitude ..keep improving all of u….all da best

  4. Fr. Isaac A., Italy says:

    Merin really made a superb performance on December 19th, 2011.. Congras. But try to avoid small drawbacks also.. You have a good potential

  5. dear merin you are a very gud singer. i like your perfomances, but i dislike the perfomance of dedicating round. it is a very good drama program rather than music. please dont repeat this please. you hav gud future. all d best.take the critisism in a gud mind. god bless you.

  6. all d best

  7. Merin.,
    your yesterdays permance was really top class. Please keep this up till the finals and you can really hope to achieve the goal. My best wishes are always with you and may god bless you .

    With kind regards,


  8. merin gregery is just an average singer.she is sucess in fast number only. her melodies are not come up to an average level.In ISS6 some other contestants r very good in singing of all types songs. judges r blindly supporting to merin because she has taken all their attention by her sharp toung & play.

  9. You are the number Uno of this season. Me and my wife wait eagerly to see you singing. You sing even hindi with great ease. Touch wood! we want you to continue like this.
    You are the winner.

  10. Krishna Mohan says:

    Merin is a very talented songstress. She has the potential even to sing in films. Her performance on 11th September starting with “Pathivayi Pournami” was fantastic and her she has been blessed with a melodious voice too.

  11. Dear Merin,
    Congradulations! for achieving 100% marks the one and only singer in seasons to achieve this distingtion.Please keep it up.
    To me you stand the best to get the top honour in season 6. Please try hard and harder correcting the small mistakes pointed out by the judges. select those songs which suit your style of singing. Practice!practice!and practice.I pray god to be with you all the time you sing a song in final rounds.Ofcourse everyone has his day for good performance.and I pray that you get always your good day for this. I feel one or two dark horses are there to topple you and they are Gayathri and shamshad.You have a very bright future. My best wishes and blessings are always with you.

    narayanan komath.
    ph. no. 0484- 2311072

  12. Tony Davis says:

    I have seen many contradicting opinions in these columns. For me Merin is the best in the Season-6. No one can be excellent in everything. I don’t know her, but I pray God Almighty to bless her.

    God bless you Merin.

  13. Dear Miss Merrin,
    As predicted by me you reached your final goal. Congradulations. Please do not stop with this.You have miles to travell in this
    music world. You already got a chance given
    by Mr.Jayachandran and many more will call
    you in the near future. Please continue
    practicing vigourously and you will become
    like our Chithrachechi. My best wishes are always with you. May God bless you always.
    Merry christhmas and a very very happy New

    Your grand uncle from Kochi.
    with love,

    Narayanan Komath

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